Product Updates v. 3.100.0: AVS Meldeschein export and usability improvements

Product Updates v. 3.100.0: AVS Meldeschein export and usability improvements

Our new features and improvements are tailored to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and provide an exceptional stay for your guests. Let’s see what’s new in HotelFriend PMS this week.

What’s new for hoteliers?

1. Introducing the AVS Meldeschein export in Reports

We are thrilled to announce the new AVS Meldeschein feature in Reports, which is now available for hotels upon request. This feature streamlines the recording of guest registration data and provides an interface to transfer this data into the AVS system.

When you generate this report, it will include all bookings that have been checked in since the last report was generated. Just click the "Generate" button, and our software will automatically create an XML file with the guest data. After logging in with your user data on the AVS registration form, you can easily import this XML file into the AVS system.

Introducing the AVS Meldeschein export in Reports

2. New "Delete Group Booking" action to delete empty group bookings

We have added the ability to delete empty group bookings from the group booking grid, provided you have the necessary permissions.

This is useful, for example, if you have edited a booking and transferred guests to another one, leaving the original booking empty. Now, you can easily remove these empty bookings from the system.


3. Improved management of guests and companies

We have significantly improved the process of managing guests and companies. Previously, you could only add a company to a guest card, which limited the flexibility of guest management. With this improvement, you can add guests directly to a company card, making it easier to manage corporate bookings and track guest-company relationships.

Improved management of guests and companies

4. New "Add Paymaster" button

In response to user feedback, we have added an "Add Paymaster" button in the Paymaster grid. This feature allows you to add new guests as paymasters directly in this section, streamlining the process of assigning financial responsibilities.


5. Enhanced meal selection in “Edit Booking”

We have refined the meal selection process in the Edit Booking modal window, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

This window allows you to edit bookings on the Front Desk and other parts of the system, provided the booking has not been invoiced. In this update, we have improved the meal selection list so that it only displays options relevant to the specific room rate tied to the reservation.

6. Improved Tourism Statistic Report

In the Tourism Statistic Report, we have made significant improvements to the logic for calculating the value of Income per night. We have removed rounding, ensuring that the amounts are precise and accurate. This enhancement provides a clearer picture of your financial performance.

7. Minor fixes and visual improvements

  • ● Resolved issues with uploading images in the General Settings of the Hotel, ensuring that images are uploaded correctly and displayed as intended.
  • ● Improved the Financial Report by sales channel to ensure that net and VAT amounts are accurately calculated according to the selected VAT rates.
  • ● Corrected the display of languages in the Booking Engine to match the languages configured in the hotel.
  • ● Fixed the headers of several reports to improve clarity and readability.

We are committed to providing you with the best tools and features to enhance your operations. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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