Product Updates v. 3.98.0: Fine-tuned Meals Statistics and Guest Facing improvements

Product Updates v. 3.98.0: Fine-tuned Meals Statistics and Guest Facing improvements

With optimized report generation and new user experience enhancements, managing your property has never been smoother. Read on to see what else we've done to ensure your hotel management experience is truly outstanding.

What’s new for hoteliers?

1. Enhanced Meals Statistics widget on the Dashboard

Responding to client feedback, we've fine-tuned the Meals Statistics widget on the Dashboard. It now excludes meals on check-in day and includes them on the check-out date instead. These adjustments ensure precise statistics, leveraging all active reservation data for accurate analysis.

2. Improved usability and security of reservation management

Extended reservation PIN: We've bolstered security by extending the reservation PIN to six characters. This upgrade applies across the Booking Engine, Concierge App, and the system at large, fortifying protection for both guests and hotel management.

Improved usability and security of reservation management

Streamlined access to reservation info: Now, with a simple click on the reservation number, you can access the booking details page on the Reservations list.

Improved usability and security of reservation management

3. Extended Registration Form is now available on Guest facing solution

We've elevated the Registration Form PDF document by adding an opportunity to add document scans and signatures of both primary and additional guests during self-check-in. This enhancement streamlines the check-in process and enhances guest verification, but requires activation in hotel settings.

4. Improved “Automatic room assignment” feature in the Automation module

Our automatic room assignment feature has been fine-tuned to better allocate rooms for bookings with pre-payments. This ensures guests get the rooms quickly, leading to higher satisfaction with the hotel service.

5. Optimized report generation in the Reports module

Efficient CSV export: We've optimized CSV exports of large datasets for Payments and Orders grids, enhancing data extraction reliability and performance.

Flexible date selection: The Development report now offers date picker functionality, empowering users with more flexible and precise data retrieval options.

Optimized report generation in the Reports module

6. User experience and system usability enhancements

Streamlined error handling: Upgraded error handling and form validation across various modules ensure a smoother and more reliable user experience.

Email clarity optimization: To maintain email clarity and efficiency, we've implemented measures to prevent large image insertions in email templates.

7. Improved Arabic and Dutch translations throughout the system

Our revamped translations for Arabic and Dutch languages improve the software's usability for international clients, fostering clearer communication and smoother user experiences.

8. Minor fixes and visual improvements

  • ● Notification issue rectified, ensuring hotel admins are promptly informed about deal bookings.
  • ● Addressed error in setting restrictions for WuBook without connected channels for uninterrupted service.
  • ● NET Rate and NET Meals calculations were corrected in the sales report for precise financial insights.
  • ● Various fixes were implemented for better functionality and clarity, including formatting errors in Dutch language messages and text overlap in the booking details modal for German (DE).

From bolstering security measures to refining reservation management and beyond, our commitment to empowering our esteemed hoteliers in their day-to-day operations remains steadfast. Keep an eye out for upcoming features as we continue to innovate!

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