Funding program for hotels

Digital now!*

Do you want to advance the digitization of your company and act in a future-oriented manner? Check out the information about the “Digital Now” funding program below and prepare your IT department for the future. HotelFriend will be happy to advise you and give practical assistance in developing the digitization plan.

* The offer is only available to hoteliers from Germany.

The funding program is temporarily suspended. As an alternative, HotelFriend in partnership with AGL has developed an unprecedented leasing product for the digital hotel:

Digital hotel
More information here!

Digital now! - Facts and figures

60 Prozent der KMU

60% of small and medium-sized businesses

rate the importance of digital technologies from important to very important


17 thousand euros on digitization

SMEs spend on average per year


34% of small & medium-sized enterprises

state that they have no digital skills


52% of medium-sized companies

rate themselves as "average" digitized


Summary: Funding Program

The funding of up to 70% of the expenditure on digitization and up to € 50,000 is possible.

Who is eligible for funding?
How is the funding structured?
What is the purpose of the funding program?
What is the funding amount?
HotelFriend Digitalization Package

Financing through the AGL

Thanks to the solid financing from our partner, AGL Activ Services GmbH, it is possible to obtain financing for your share (subject to a positive credit check by AGL). In addition, the AGL has agreed to provide the federal grant funding to approved projects before the funds are called if HotelFriend is selected as the digitization partner.

Financing through the AGL

Creation of a digitization plan: 0 €

Go Digital
Funding program for hotels*
The following aspects are important in creating the digitization plan:

Needs analysis

Individual advice on measures

Elaboration of the digitalization plan

Support in all questions concerning funding


HotelFriend is always by your side,
free of charge, and without obligations!

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*Please note that the offer is only available to hoteliers from Germany.

How to start the process?

Getting financing is a competitive process that involves numerous and time-intensive steps. HotelFriend will take care to present your application well and guide you through all the actions required to get your hotel business funded. As a starting point, please follow the instructions below:

Submit an application form to get free expert advice from HotelFriend
Prepare all documents with the assistance of our funding professionals
Apply for funding
Wait for approval

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