Digital Natives challenging the hotel industry

Digital Natives challenging the hotel industry

To be profitable and to provide keen and tough competition to the strong hotel leaders the hoteliers are expected not only to immediately react to all the changes of the world of technology but also to identify their target audience and to meet rising consumer expectation. It is crucially important to understand who your guests are and what they are looking for.

Here are some facts about the typical user who is ready to make an online reservation:


of the travelers plan their vacation six months before the trip


of the population uses Internet to get all the necessary information about the forthcoming trip


of the holidaymakers prefer the online reservation

And these figures are not stable, because the mobile market is booming and the percentage of people using the Internet on different devices to organize their trip continues to go up.

The following statistics for the year 2016 show, how much the mobile devices and applications are popular in Germany.


how much the mobile devices and applications are popular in Germany


2017 is the year when mobile users overtake all other users. Mobile continues its rocket rise, and there’s still lots of room for ad revenue growth. And now it’s even eating away at the Great American Time Killer, television. Mobile is conquering the world, and most news organizations make only a pittance of it.

Print advertising is not coming back. It will fall further. Substantially further. All newspaper planning for the coming few years needs to reckon with that basic fact. For the hoteliers it means more digitizing; they should stop focusing solely on the print media and their brand promoting through travel brochures, magazines, and even television. The modern world is getting more influenced by so-called digital natives, whose main source of information are mobile devices of any kind such as smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets. 

With the help of these gadgets, the users not only plan their traveling but also book a hotel room and make orders on site.



of users switch between the devices during a trip planning.

While the usage of desktop is still preferred for the research and feedback about the journey, the smartphones are the favourite devices for room reservation and any informational requests while travelling.

As the following line graph demonstrates, the era of digital natives has already begun and is now challenging the whole sphere of consumer services. If you want to keep up with the modern technologies and continue increasing your income, you should definitely rethink your business strategies and approaches.

Do not wait anymore for the guests to choose your accommodation offer among thousand others in the region. Show them why it is worth staying at your hotel and buying your services.


the era of digital natives users in a hotel industry


The HotelFriend Software will let you do this in the best way. A full digitization of your hotel that will allow you to inform your guests about all the hotel facilities is seen as the most effective method to attract the exigent digital natives who always prefer being mobile and booking their trips through the smartphone or laptop. You as a hotelier should take advantage of such crossplatformity and portability. The HotelFriend system will collect all possible data of your guests for you. With an overview of this information you will be able to get to know them better, fulfill their expectations and meet their demands on the desirable accommodation.

Public relations: Ralph Eichelberger


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