Germany is the third most visited country

Germany tourism statistics

Among the most popular tourist countries, Germany takes the 3rd place.


Million visitors spend on average USD 1000 per person for a trip annually.


intresting statistics Germany

German regions in detail - how much money people spend per day

how much people spend per day in germany

How much and on what people spend money on in the Harz region

 Coming to the Harz Mountains, tourists go to much expense for accommodation in the region - nearly the half of the total travel budget. The rest is spent on eating out, shopping and activities.

47% accommodation, 17% food in the restaurants, 14% shopping, 11% food from the store, 8% activities in the area, 2% different services in the region


per day on average.

Modern tourist behaviour information

According to the Bing study in the past six months

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Public relations: Ralph Eichelberger

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