Product Updates v. 3.71.0: Improved Orders, new actions for Cash Books, refined Invoices

Product Updates v. 3.71.0: Improved Orders, new actions for Cash Books, refined Invoices

The HotelFriend team strives for perfection, constantly improving the product for end users. Check out all the new features and fixes, destined to make your workflow even better!


What’s new for hoteliers?

1. Enhanced display of Discounts in Orders

Enhanced display of Discounts in Orders

Now discounts are distributed proportionally between all items. We’ve also added the possibility to edit a discount for a specific item in the “Edit order item” modal window. The total discount will be displayed as a separate line in an invoice.

Enhanced display of Discounts in Orders
Enhanced display of Discounts in Orders

2. Added an order scheduling feature

You can schedule orders for multiple days in the "Create Order" modal window.

Added an order scheduling feature

3. Added a popup for order limits

In case the quantity of services in the order is exceeded, an error message with the available quantity will be displayed.

4. Created a new filter for Invoices

When creating an invoice, you can filter billing items by timeframe.

5. Major invoicing improvements

Invoice creation for company bookings has become much easier and faster. We’ve also added a company guest selector to the first step.

6. Changing room types in the guest’s booking

Added a new feature that allows moving a booking to another room type without changing the already created invoice.

Changing room types in the guest’s booking

7. Introduced new actions in Cash Book

a. The "Delete cash book" action allows users to delete a cash book if it contains errors, in case no revenues or expenses were created.

b. The “Delete entries” action enables users to delete entries such as revenue or expense from the cash book.

8. Enabled export to CSV for companies

9. Added advanced Communication settings

Now hoteliers can use one of three salutations in email templates (including custom emails).

Added advanced Communication settings

10. Improved horizontal dateline scroll on the Front Desk

We’ve enhanced a horizontal scroll of the dateline when choosing the month on the Front Desk.

11. Made some minor fixes

  • a) Enhanced FIBU export: now canceled and refunded positions are included.
  • b) Fixed booking invoice when the guest makes self-checkout by API for a booking with full prepayment.
  • c) Fixed Invoice creation if the logo is in .eps format.
  • d) Fixed the name of the order items in the invoice when the price changes in the order card.
  • e) Fixed a "Billing reason" in the Cash book with a Custom time frame.
  • f) Fixed the logic of the "Export PDF" action in Cash books.
  • g) Fixed the layout of the Order confirmation email.
  • h) Fixed a color template selector on Booking Engine.

Web release v. 2.35.0: More Booking Engine improvements

1. Linking new orders to reservations

If the guest already has reservations for future dates (or if they are booking one or more rooms), it is possible to link the order to the reservation while booking services.

2. A new feature in the booking engine for hotel chains

We have added a carousel that shows each hotel of the chain. Being on the Booking Engine of one hotel, the guest can switch to any other hotel from the list.

3. Improved room overview

If no dates are selected on the Booking Engine, you still can view the rooms.

4. Enhanced password recovery form

Now the password recovery link leads to the hotel’s Booking Engine instead of a marketplace.

5. New upselling functionality for deals

When the guest is about to book a deal, the system will offer to add services to the card.

Have any questions or want to share your feedback? Please, let us know so that we can make our software as neat as possible!

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