Product Updates v. 3.95.0: Virtual Rooms, Chat-GPT for Communications, and enhanced data import

Product Updates v. 3.95.0: Virtual Rooms, Chat-GPT for Communications, and enhanced data import

Take a look at our latest update packed with exciting new features! We've introduced Virtual Rooms for better inventory control, AI chat responses for quick customer interactions, and added new filters to the Sent Emails tab. It's all geared towards ensuring that you enjoy what you do.

What’s new for hoteliers?

1. Introducing Virtual Rooms for dynamic inventory management

Empower your hotel's booking strategy with our latest feature – Virtual Rooms. Seamlessly merge individual rooms into customizable entities, revolutionizing the way you manage your property's inventory.

Let’s say, you own a villa with 10 rooms. With Virtual Rooms, you can effortlessly offer the entire villa as a single unit or rent out its floors or individual rooms as needed. Whether it's booking the entire property or just a few rooms, our feature adapts dynamically to your preferences.

Virtual Rooms optimize occupancy by integrating all rooms into a unified inventory pool. Once any part of the Virtual Room unit is booked, our system automatically adjusts availability, ensuring precise inventory control.

How it works?

Creation Process: Establishing a Virtual Room is as simple as adding any standard room. Activate the "Virtual Room" toggle in the Room Management module and select the individual rooms to include.

Creation Process
Creation Process

Visibility: Virtual Rooms are prominently displayed on the Front Desk interface, providing clear visibility and effortless management for your staff.


Reservation Dynamics: Booking a Virtual Room instantly updates the status of associated rooms, while reserving individual rooms within the Virtual Room set adjusts its availability accordingly.

2. Empower your communication with built-in ChatGPT response suggestions

Empower your staff to efficiently handle guest inquiries with the integration of ChatGPT. Our AI-powered assistant analyzes communication context and provides suggestive responses, streamlining your daily operations in one click. You can edit GPT-generated suggestions in any way you like before sending them to guests.

Empower your communication with built-in ChatGPT response suggestion

3. Enhanced Task Management: Assign tasks to orders or bookings

Boost your operational efficiency by assigning tasks for staff directly to orders or bookings within our system. Upon making a new task, simply choose the order or a booking from the drop-down list in the Create Task modal window.

Enhanced Task Management: Assign tasks to orders or bookings
Enhanced Task Management: Assign tasks to orders or bookings

With this improvement, you can ensure seamless task management and execution.

4. Tokenize guest credit card information for future transactions

Introducing an advanced feature to our Adyen payment integration: the ability to tokenize guest credit card information during the booking reservation process on our Booking Engine.

Once tokenized, the credit card details are securely stored within our system, enabling convenient future transactions. Hoteliers can effortlessly select saved cards for charging and choose them as a payment method when creating invoices.

5. Import "Comments and Notes" with other information about bookings or guests

We've expanded the functionality of the contacts import feature, allowing seamless importing of additional information such as comments, housekeeping notes, or meal preferences along with guest details.

Whether importing from CSV, XLS, or XLSX files, this data will be displayed in the "Comments and Notes" section of the Guest card, ensuring all essential details are captured.

6. Simplified Stripe payment integration management

To enhance user experience, we've relocated the Stripe settings from the Payment Methods section to the Integrations module.

Now, accessing and connecting Stripe is more intuitive than ever. With just a click on the "Connection request" button within the Integrations module, you can seamlessly integrate Stripe into your workflow.

7. Enhanced filtering and navigation in the Sent Emails tab

We've bolstered the usability of the Communications module by introducing advanced filtration options.

Users can now effortlessly filter sent emails by email address, date of sending, or template used, streamlining the process of locating specific communications. Additionally, pagination has been added to the Sent Emails page for improved navigation and efficiency.

Enhanced filtering and navigation in the Sent Emails tab

8. Minor fixes and visual improvements

  • ● Changed the layout of the report selector in the report tab for better presentation.
  • ● Implemented various layout fixes throughout the system.
  • ● Resolved issues related to adding children in the Edit booking modal window, displaying hotelier in the Cancellations report, and generating a No Shows report.
  • ● Fixed the "Source" filter on the Front Desk.
  • ● Improved selecting dates for the Accounting Report (Sweden), and prevented the disappearance of the "out of service" period on the front desk after deleting the current room.

We encourage you to share any suggestions or feedback you may have to further tailor our product to your needs. Together, we can ensure that your experience with our product remains exceptional and continuously evolves to meet your expectations.

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