Hotel concierge app: 8 reasons why you should use HotelFriend solution

Hotel concierge app: 8 reasons why you should use HotelFriend solution

The number of travelers and their requirements is raising. Hospitality business is like to participate in a permanent arms race between hotels: better service, a faster booking process, a stronger reputation.

HotelFriend introduces a Hotel Mobile App - an innovative solution, a personal assistant for travelers. Which lets the user not only book accommodation but buy special packages (deals) and order any hotel services from any device.

Here are eight reasons why HotelFriend App is so useful for hospitality business:

1. You get a multi-functional mobile app for your hotel.

Usually, only big hotel chains have enough resources to develop their own application. With HotelFriend Concierge Mobile App there is no need for huge investments. You will get a ready-to-use application with a minimum effort.

2. Round-the-clock availability of your hotel information.

Planning and organizing a journey can be quite an exhausting and challenging task. One has very little time to spend several hours or even days on pre-travel preparation because of the bustling rhythm of our busy lives.

With a mobile app, your hotel becomes an open book for the client: he has an opportunity to get any information he needs: infrastructure, features & facilities, departments, available services, etc.

3. Mobile Check-in

Give the possibility to provide all the necessary documents and check-in quickly right from the smartphone. The guest doesn’t have to give sensitive data nor the card details. In other words, everything is secure, fast, safe and handy.

4. Get more orders. More revenue flow

Let the user order services online from the smartphone. In the hotel’s profile, the guest sees all its services and can order them using the smartphone only: sauna, car rental, spa treatments, drinks, food, etc. One can also arrange the delivery on the exact time & date, leave a comment on each service and get the hotel`s feedback, the full interaction is achieved.

For instance, the guest wants to get a glass of wine. The only thing he has to do is to download the Mobile App. and choose it in the category “Services” and write what type or brand he prefers.

🔹 No phone calls!
🔹 No bar and restaurant searching!
🔹 No cash payments!

...everything is on the phone.

Hotel Assenzio in Prag

5. Communicate with the guest directly

If the guest has any specific requirements, he can start a dialog with the staff. The client can change or cancel his order anytime. Taking into account how often he has to make corrections to his plans, this option will be useful for the modern traveler and the hotelier will satisfy these requirements.

6. Do not miss a single order

Making an order, the guest gives delivery time and point. It goes right to the department and can be fulfilled after the confirmation by the hotel. The guest gets everything timely, the hotel doesn’t lose revenue.

Hotel Assenzio in Prag

7. Let the user pay as he used to

The payment method is also very fast and easy: using the smartphone only, the client pays for all the services he needs in the most convenient way.

8. Trouble-free integration

Having a device with internet access enables you to manage the hotel from any place in the world.

It takes a little time to learn how to manage your hotel with the HotelFriend property management system. Our support team will kindly introduce the system and you will start getting the most of it in a very short time.

To sum up

The HotelFriend App enables the guests to arrange the delivery time of the order. It is very comfortable to order dinner in the morning and discover tasty dainties in the evening in the hotel room after shopping or sightseeing. Or maybe the guest realizes he will be late for his dinner? Concierge by Hotelfriend can also cope with this: the guest just writes the staff about this and has an individual late dinner.

In this way, the hotel has an opportunity to earn guest loyalty and attract its repeat customer.

Public relations: Ralph Eichelberger

So, keep up and become from basic to a favorite hotel of many travelers - use the innovative product of HotelFriend - Concierge App.

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