Digitization of the hospitality industry - Episode 2 with Denis Severyuk

Digitization of the hospitality industry - Episode 2

After the first episode of the new HotelFriend Podcast that talked to Frank Doepelheuer about the severe situation of the hospitality industry and possible solutions for that, the second episode talk about one very specific solution: digitalization. What role does digitalization play for the hospitality industry during the current crisis? How can digitalization be made accessible to all hoteliers? And where exactly can digitalization help?

In this episode, Denis Severyuk proposes a digitalization package that as many medium-sized and family businesses can profit from. This package should not only secure a safe way out of the crisis but should also be an effective solution for the long-term future of hospitality businesses.

Episode 2: Digitalization Package

On May 20th, 2020 Denis Severyuk, the Chief Executive Officer at the HotelFriend AG, talked about the possibilities of digitalization in the hospitality industry. He imagines digital help in almost all areas of hotel business - from booking and room management, and visiting the restaurant to accounting. That does not mean that digitalization should replace all personal contact to guest. In fact, it should be additional to personal contact and a mean to implement hygiene regulations and safety precautions.


For Denis Severyuk, digitalization of a hotel business begins with their online appearance. If a small business doesn’t have one they can lose potential guests and by that sales. But also for the everyday contact with guests at the reception, in the restaurant or during service deliveries, a digital app can help to realize hygiene requirements. That is why in the podcast he explains all the points of the digitalization package in detail:

I Marketplace: Entrepreneurs can use the HotelFriend marketplace to offer rooms free of commission
II Online Appearance with own Booking Button: Hotels can offer their own deals and don’t have to pay commission to OTA’s
III Coupon Sale: Get instant revenue by selling vouchers without commission
IV Cloud-Based Hotel Software: Every hotelier and staff member has access to the PMS from their own device - decentralized and remote
V Information App: All important information about your hotel in one app
VI Ordering & Delivery App: Contactless ordering and payment of services from the mobile devices of guests
VII Demand: Financial support for this package from the German government

Stay updated for the next episode of this podcast where we will talk more about the issues of the hospitality industry during this crisis and possible solutions that can last for the future!

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