Interview With Dushan Spalevich for ICO TV

Interview With Dushan Spalevich for ICO TV

At the Blockchain Startups Matchup by ICORating in Singapore, Dushan Spalevich interviewed HotelFriend for ICO TV. The main aims and points of the project were highlighted by Igor Bauman (Blockchain Analyst).

HotelFriend provides a full palette of products for the travel to both sites: guests and hotels. An important benefit for hotels is an opportunity to reduce IT costs. As it gets a platform containing a lot of useful products and covering all essential working areas: hotel administration and management, marketing and additional services selling, a marketplace where travel packages, rooms and services are sold, a guest app for in-room selling and multifarious marketing products. After subscribing a cloud solution of HotelFriend, the hotel can start promoting its accommodation, deals and services.

“Hotels do not need to buy single solutions, to invest tremendous sums of money in order to develop the software.”

One of the main aims of HotelFriend discussed at the interview is organizing the infrastructure into a blockchain. The technology brings a lot of advantages for hotels as well as for travelers. As for the hotelier, he gets access to the database and can check his clients: what their past experience was; whether this person is real; whether the credit card is valid. Issues existing in the hotel industry up to now and 20% of fake bookings meaning 20% of lost revenues can be solved in an economical way. Moreover, the hotel knowing more about the client than an anonymous booking number can offer him additional targeted services and make his stay better. This is a secret of getting a loyal customer.

The client has many benefits of working with HotelFriend, of course. As there will be no need to give documents and credit card to the receptionist. Check-in and check-out become simple, completely digitized processes. Being in the blockchain, the guests have to show only their QR code to check in.

“Just show QR Code and you’re verified.”

The last interesting question was about the HotelFriend’s position to other services existing in the hotel industry. What is the difference between HotelFriend and the others. The answer is:

“We don’t offer specialized single solutions but a full package for all necessary tools including property management system, mobile concierge, online marketplace and other marketing tools. That’s why we are unique.”

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