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Product Updates v.3.48.0: room details on mouse hover, new filters for rooms, new “Occupancy” widget

Product Updates v.3.48.0:

Welcome back to HotelFriend product updates. Check out all improvements and details on everything new across HotelFriend software below.

For Hoteliers

1. Front Desk

a. added room details that will be displayed on mouse hover: pictures, room number, and room type, floor, area, capacity, housekeeping status, facilities;

Front Desk

b. added new filters for rooms: “Housekeeping” and “Facilities”.

Front Desk

2. Dashboard

a. added new “Occupancy” widget with the statistics for the upcoming week;
b. fixed sorting in the “Latest Comments” widget.


3. Add booking

a. now services can be added to booking right away on the third step;

Add booking

b. added 2 lists on the second step: “Purpose of the visit” and “How did you find out” with a list of default options. Additional options can be set from the menu “Settings” → “General” → “Custom options” in corresponding fields “VISITOR PURPOSES“ and “FIND OUT RESOURCES“.

Add booking

4. Reservations

Added the group action to select multiple reservations and print registration forms for all of them.


5. Registration Form PDF: added a “Booking #” field.

6. New hotel contract types

“Test license“ while on the free trial, “Full license“ while on leasing, “Package license“ while on SaaS subscription.

7. Fixed

a. Hotel Dashboard loading time;
b. Link in the "Confirm Mail Settings" e-mail;
c. Housekeeping filtration issue;
d. Some translations and UI issues.

At HotelFriend, we are working tirelessly to improve our products with more new updates. Stay tuned.

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