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Summer heat at HotelFriend

The spring was busy and productive for our HotelFriend team. First of all, we developed new features to make our software modules more powerful in driving the hotel business forward. Here are just a few of them: in March, we made useful improvements to our Guestbook App, Booking Engine, and Housekeeping; in May, we took invoicing and payments to the new level and made the booking page even more functional.

Secondly, we added the hotel website design and development to our portfolio of services to equip hoteliers with a professional platform to build an online presence and help sales skyrocket. And thirdly, we introduced a partnership program for hospitality influencers, software dealers, and web agencies who value top quality software - the fruit of our team's dedication and expertise.

The summer is going to be hot not only for hotels with thousands of holidaymakers harvesting new experiences, suntan, and good mood. HotelFriend is ready for the heat with new products, creative ideas, and inspiring collaborations on the horizon! We are working on Fast Lane Flow to enable your hotel guests to upload our apps and pay for services using the QR code, Accommodation Statistics, Financial Reports to comply with GoBD standard, and many other exciting features. Stay tuned!

Budding friendship

In May, HotelFriend has started negotiations on software integrations and partnership with several hotels and companies from all over the world, among them HotelMax from the Czech Republic, HotelMinder from Ireland, AlienGreen from Georgia, SaaS Brokerage and Digital Future Lab from the USA. We are happy our partners and clients network is expanding to new countries and cities. HotelFriend believes that the best things are born in cooperation. Outside perspective allows a better understanding of what both hoteliers and hotel guests need. With these insights, we can hone our products to perfection by adding relevant functionalities and create a unique environment that feels like warm water - transparent, safe, intuitive, comfortable.

Grow and flourish with us

You have a task, and we have a tool to nail it! With the focus on increasing revenue and client loyalty, you can grow your business confidently with HotelFriend software and stay competitive in the rapidly developing digital world, where there is no place for paperwork and time waste. Get full control over such sophisticated hotel systems and processes as housekeeping, accounting, setting rates and keeping them synchronized throughout all distribution channels, revenue analytics, etc. Tap into the huge potential of mobile apps: extend interaction with your guests outside their stay, let them book and buy services even before they arrive and share reviews on social media easily. Reputation is everything, and in most cases, there are no second chances. Get notifications of your clients SM feedback in real time and respond swiftly. Make your hotel guests feel valued, employees more productive and happy at work, and your business - a few steps ahead of competitors.

Public relations: Ralph Eichelberger

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