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Booking Balance

The Booking Balance displays all expenses and payments of the guest chronologically together with the date, name of the service, and price. It also contains information about charges for accommodation, cancellation fees, and services ordered during the hotel stay.

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Warum ist es notwendig What is the aim

Providing the possibility to the hotelier to receive advance payments from the guest via the PMS with the help of the Booking Balance or make refunds to the guest.

Providing the possibility to the guest to use his / her Booking Balance to pay in advance for hotel services.

To simplify the payment process.

There are three ways to deposit money on the Booking Balance in HotelFriend system:

• using the menu Reservations;
• using the menu Front Desk;
• using the menu Accounting.


How does it work in our system?

The guest can transfer any amount of money to pay in advance for the hotel stay. Moreover, the customer can deposit money on his/her Booking Balance even during the stay at the hotel.

It is possible to return money from the balance during the hotel stay of the guest. The amount of refund can not exceed the amount remitted on the Booking Balance until this moment.
If the balance is positive, the refund is mandatory before the check-out of the customer.

All payments added on the Booking Balance can be included in the invoice and used to pay for it.

The hotelier can check out the guest only if the balance is zero.

You will find information about the Booking Balance in the guest card, booking card, reservation grid, and Front Desk after you have clicked on the reservation.

When the invoice is already paid, the balance will be updated automatically and supplemented with a payment record.

If the hotelier cancels the booking through the portal, he/she can decide whether to charge a fee from the guest. If yes, the invoice with a cancellation fee will be created automatically. After the payment is received, the booking status will be changed to “Cancelled”.

If the customer cancels the booking on the internet, the invoice will include a cancellation fee automatically, which can be paid from the Booking Balance. The booking receives the status “Cancelled”.

Improve the guest experience at your hotel Implement the possibility of easy prepayment receiving, making refunds, and streamlining the payment process for additionally ordered services with the Booking Balance.
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Offer your guests a more comfortable service.

Build a closer connection of the customer with your hotel.


Simplify the workflow of your receptionists and make it more efficient.


Provide the guest with a full overview of previous and upcoming bookings.

Easy payment

Make the process of paying for accommodation and extra services much simpler and handier.

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